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landyachtz switch vs switchblade

LY Switch VS Switchblade : longboarding – Reddit

[–]blu333Landyachtz Switch| Buffalo, NY 1 point2 points3 points 5 years ago (0 children). I love my Switch but the Switchblade is a great board as well. I had to make the same decision and the one thing that made me decide on the Switch is the big pockets created by the large drops. Some people don’t like …

Landyachtz switch or switchblade? : longboarding – Reddit

Easy question, the LY Switch is like a handicapped version of the LY Switchblade . They are both the same height when mounted regularly, but the switchblade can be topmounted resulting in a far more responsive turn. The Switchblade also has a more comfortable concave and the combination of this, …

Landyachtz switch vs. landyachtz switchblade : longboarding – Reddit

so I’m pretty set on buying the landyachtz switch or switchblade but i cant decide which one to get. im really into sliding and i was wondering…

Landyachtz Switch & Switchblade – YouTube

Just an average day longboarding.

Landyachtz The Switch VS. Switchblade – Longboardz Forum

Standard Landyachtz The Switch VS. Switchblade. Servus, Ich fahre im Herbst für 6 Wochen nach San Francisco und hatte vor mir dort ein neues Brett zu schießen . Ich habe schon mal ein bisschen auf Websiten der Shops gestöbert und habe gesehen, das die Landyachtz Bretter dort echt spott billig sind.

Landyachtz Switch vs. Switchblade vs. Timemachine? | Yahoo Answers

Don’t get Parises on Landy boards (cutouts are designed around Bear trucks, you ‘ll probably get wheelbite with Parises), don’t get Otangs (overpriced, wear crappy , and the 75mm ones slide crappy until they’re worn down anyway). I’d get a 9two5 or Switchblade, depending on if you want to do more …

Landyachtz time machine vs switchblade vs switch vs spud …

I know that its another vs post. I would like to know the pros and cons about the boards.

Landyachtz Switchblade – Review Longboards

One of the most popular and well liked midrange longboards, the Landyachtz Switchblade features a drop down deck and a vibrant deck design that … Additionally, these bearings come prelubricated with Speed Cream so that you can take the Landyachtz Switch right out of the box and start riding.

Board Review: Landyachtz Switchblade | Heavy weight skate

The symmetry makes riding in switch and pulling 180s seem second nature. The length feels absolutely perfect for my style; you can still ride the Switchblade with a crate of beer balanced on the front without any breakages. The slight drop lets you know where your feet are at all times and the hips allow you …

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