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is seattle water safe to drink

Water Quality–Seattle Public Utilities – Seattle.gov

Is Seattle tap water good ok to drink? – Updated 2017 – Quora

I lived in Seattle for 8 years, had no problems drinking the tap water there. In fact at least one bottled water company uses municipal water from Washington State, I believe from one of the smaller towns on the Olympic Peninsula. BUT the majority of the water for Western Washington comes from the same handful of sources, …

Water Quality–Seattle Public Utilities – Seattle.gov

Fluoride – SPU has supplied fluoridated drinking water to our customers since 1970. … Water Taste, Odor and Color – Seattle has some of the finest tasting, purest source water in the world. But if your water doesn’t come out of the tap tasting good and clean, there is usually something you can do about it at home.

UPDATE: Washington Ranks High in Drinking Water Violations …

Still, it was rural Washington counties—not the Seattle area or King County—that bore the most healthspecific violations by population in the state. Rural areas often bear the brunt of drinking water violations, according to the NRDC report. … The water was safe and continues to be safe.

How clean is Seattle’s drinking water? – seattlepi.com

A view of Chester Morse Lake in the Cedar River Watershed, where Seattle gets much of its drinking water. | View photo gallery The 2010 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, a report mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency, tested the water along 10 parameters for health risks. Not one single …

Why Seattle’s Tap Water Is So Good | Seattle Magazine

West Seattleite Ralph Naess, 48, drinks water straight from the faucet. As manager of the public and cultural programs at the Cedar River Watershed—the more than 90000 acres of natural habitat and protected water near North Bend that is the source of Seattle’s tap water—Naess has been quenching the public’s thirst for …

Seattle Tap Water | Seattle – Yelp

Or my neighborhood (Cap Hill)? It tastes really horrible and chemicaly. I have to let the water run for a while and then it taste a little better, but still, yucky. I’m gonna have to get a Brita pitcher. 🙁 Report as inappropriate. 2/26/2008. Jordan M . Seattle, WA. 8 friends; 14 reviews. I use a brita but occasionally I do drink the tap .

The water is safe to drink in Seattle, Washington, USA – Is the water …

Tap water safety in Seattle, washington, USA.

Active Drinking Water Alerts :: Washington State Department of Health

Coxville Water Association #1. Issued: 2/21/2014. Do Not Drink. Contact Phone: 5095543351. Comments: Nitrate level in water exceeds safe drinking water standards. Pregnant women and infants should drink bottled water. For more information, visit our nitrate webpage. Sundance Improvement Assn. Issued: 6/27 /2017.

SPU: lead testing shows Seattle water is safe | KING5.com

SEATTLE – Seattle’s water is safe to drink. That’s what Seattle Public Utilities Drinking Water Quality Director Wylie Harper told City Councilmembers Monday. The utility conducted special tests for lead after new testing in the unrelated Tacoma utility district revealed high levels of it on the city side of the …

Test results show city’s water is safe to drink, Seattle Public Utilities …

SEATTLESeattle residents worried over water quality can breathe a little easier.Test results of water in a small percentage of older Seattle homes with galvanized piping showed lead levels well below allowable federal limits, Seattle Public Utilities s.

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