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is 36 000 a good salary

Is $36,000 good salary to start out after college? – GirlsAskGuys

This will be the entry level salary for my friend who lives in Indiana. Do you … Remember, this is a STARTING salary, and if he’s good and works at it, he should move up at a decent rate. … Assuming there’s a regular and fairly decently sized raises as well as bonuses I suppose, given the career, 36 grand is fairly decent.

Why I’m happy making $36,000 (for now) – Macleans.ca

“I wanted the tailored suits, the chance at a high income, the BMW, the prestige, the respect, and the power. … Matt Gurney, who is in late twenties himself, pissed off quite a number of the woeful GenerationY Tweeters by arguing that $36,000 is actually pretty good. … I see $36k as enough—for now.

Is making $36.000-$37,000 a year a middle class earning or is it …

If after about five years you’re still only making between $36k and $37k, maybe consider making some changes. 3) You’re single. I’m making … I saw my salary go up nearly $10k in a little under two years because of my ambition and ability to take advantage of good opportunities. Keep your eyes open and …

A Salary Guide For Your 20s, 30s And 40s – Business Insider

What is a salary arc anyway? … By age 39, the typical woman’s income has grown by less than 20 percent, compared to her 30yearold self. … That ensures that you’ll be aware of both your worth in the marketplace and of great job openings — which could come with a corresponding title and pay bump.

What would you consider a good salary? – The Student Room

Hey, just wondering what peoples opinions are on what they think is a good salary, personally I think that £5000060000 is good to lie a nice comfortable family life with a …. £36,000 Would be more than enough I think. …. Anything more than £36,000 is the gravy, it’s extra stuff which makes everything nicer.

Is $36,000 a good salary? | Yahoo Answers

Take home salary, after taxes, yes. It depends on your budget and expenses though. I can tell you I take home EXACTLY 3k a month and I live very comfortably. All my bills, small mortgage, gas, food, expenses, personal care, etc, etc total just under 1500 a month. It helps that I am not a slave to any loans …

Is $35,000 a Year Middle Class? – Bloomberg

Friday’s post at The Market Now looked at the striking divergence in outlook between households with incomes above $50000 and those below that threshold . I zeroed in on the $35000to$50000 group and concluded that this big portion of the middle class now feels poor.

Can you live on the average salary? – Telegraph

I’m a new recruit, so my salary will go up to £27,500 in six months, when I finish my probationary period. The most I can earn as a police constable is £36,000 – although if you work in firearms, or diving, for example, you get extra. That’s the good thing about the police. There are so many directions you can …

Can a person have a decent life in the US with annual salary of …

It really depends on your definition of decent, and your current location. I can’t imagine that being a living wage in CA, but probably pretty decent in KY. Standards for a decent lifestyle have a wide range and are also set on your mentality. If you want to have a minimalist lifestyle, 36k/year is more then enough. If you want a …

What is Considered a Middle Class Income? – Good Financial Cents

Economic Percentile: Rather than just looking at arbitrary cutoffs, some economists consider middle class according to percentile. If you are in the top 20 % of income earners, you are considered to have an upper class income, or be rich. Those whose incomes fall in the bottom 20% are considered poor.

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