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i suddenly can’t read

Spells where you can see words but can’t read them- any ideas …

Is this reading spell an sp? Do you know if it can be anything else? Any other health related concerns? I can’t figure out what else these episodes can be if they are not seizures. My 2nd dr told me to go the psychiatric route but what would cause this sudden inability to read or speak or write? It doesn’t sound like any …

The popular Suddenly I Cant Read GIFs everyone’s sharing – Tenor

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Mariah carey, shady, i cant read suddenly i dont know animated GIF …

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Symptoms of transient ischaemic attack (TIA) | Topics, TIA and Minor …

The term ‘TIA’ is an abbreviation for ‘transient ischaemic attack’, (sometimes also known as ‘mini stroke’, but this phrase causes some confusion). The definition of a TIA is a sudden onset problem with the functioning of one part of the brain. It is caused by a temporary disruption in the blood supply to part of the brain.

I can’t read properly anymore? | Yahoo Answers

I was suddenly unable to write the number 3. Eventually, after successfully writing the number to my liking, I was unable to write another number (5, 2, 6, 9). This was absolutely irritating, aggravating, annoying (insert more synonyms here). In your post, I noticed you said you were anemic. Well, I was too in …

Why can’t I see up close anymore? – Body and Soul

(Q) I’m in my mid40s and have noticed some difficulty when reading and focusing on near objects over recent months. What could be the cause of this? (A ) It sounds as though you have started to develop presbyopia, the gradual loss of focusing ability for near objects that occurs as the lenses inside your …

T read suddenly on Tumblr

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Suddenly i can’t read – Tumblr

Find and follow posts tagged suddenly i can’t read on Tumblr.

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